Do we really care to protect the wildlife as much as we talk about it? Do we really love wild animals the way we love our cats and dogs? If the answer of the majority is yes, then we do not act enough. Sometimes small choices that we make can make a difference. You don’t have to jump into roads to take action.

“Man-Of-The_Wild” is the meaning of the Malay word Orangutan. Orangutans’ habitat is limited to the southeast Asian island of Borneo and Sumatra. Orangutan is the only great ape Asia, and they are considered the largest tree-dwelling animal on the earth. Their species is critically endangered by loss of habitat caused by palm oil cultivations. Palm oil widely uses in food cosmetics and apparel products because of the low cost. But the high price of a low budget has been paid by wild lives.

Hundreds of thousands of hectares of virgin forests have been deforested every year for farm oil cultivation in Southeast Asia. Approximately 6000 orangutans have been slaughtered in the process per year. Orangutan Project has calculated that an estimated area of 300 football fields is cleared every hour.

The following video was shot in 2013, somehow did not come out to surface until 2018. It shows a helpless orangutan fighting a losing fight with an excavator, which is destroying his home. It is heartbreaking to see that that animal is fighting so hard against a heavy machine.

There are indeed many organizations are working on the matter, to protect orangutans. But still, they are making a minimal impact. In issues like this, power is in the hands of the majority of ordinary people. If we refuse to use market products containing palm oil, we can make the company feel.

Humankind may be the most intelligent of all apes, but what the point if we can not understand the basic facts. This video broke my heart, and not every day, I wish the same happens with you. But if it will make you care, so may it break yours too. It is high time we stand up and take action before it is too late.