Few decades back wearing animal fur was classy and people were proud of their fur. But now, with all the synthetic furs as good as natural ones there is no point of killing animals for fur. Thus fur products can not be considered classy or elegant anymore, they look inhuman and brutal.

California state became the first in the US to ban fur products of certain animals after revising their animal protection law. This includes manufacture, sale and purchase of fur products. And with the following similar law banning animals in entertainment and circus performances California became the third state to do so. 

The use of animal fur to make handbags, shoes and belts is set to be completely stopped by 2023. 

Environmental activists believe that stopping this practice, which poses a threat to the endangered wildlife, is a forward step in the conservation of wild animals. The US fur industry has opposed the law, yet it remains intact for places like San Francisco and Los Angeles. 

However, the law does not have any effect on fur products made for religious purposes or for tribal people. Cat fur, dog fur, leather skins, skins of sheep, goat and deer skins are among excluded furs from the law. But sales of products made using fur of animals such as minks, rabbits and chinchillas is strictly prohibited. 

High end fashion brands like GUCCI and Versace have stopped their fur productions now. Those who violate these laws will be subject to a $1000 fine.

Cassie King from Direct Action Everywhere says that ordinary people want animals safe and protected from such inhuman practices. They are working on similar bills in Minneapolis. Oregon and Poland too. 

Opposing parties suggest that this law will increase black market activities in the fur business. Keith Kaplan from Fur Information Council said they are trying to change what people eat and wear and she even called the legislation a “Radical Vegan Agenda”. California along with Hawaii and New Jersey has banned animals except for tamed dogs, cats, and horses from training for circus performances. Violation of the law can cost $25,000 fine. The use of animals in circuses has been decreasing over many years and with this law, it will stop altogether. The Southwest California Legislative Council said such a ban would “prevent people from enjoying a thrilling performance by animals”. But still, there are at least 18circuses running well without animal performances. PETA supported the laws as well.