Mothers can push all the set boundaries to fight for their kids. They can do unimaginable things to protect their children. Mother’s love is an amazing phenomenon of nature both in human and animal kingdoms.

A Chinese mother, LI Jingzhi, Searched her kidnapped kid for 32 years, and she finally found him. Mao, Jingzhi’s son, was abducted back in 1988 while his father was taking him back from preschool. Mao and his father were near the entrance of a hotel in Shaanxi province when somebody took Mao away when his father looks away for a few seconds.

Mao’s mother left her job to keep searching for Mao. She has at least distributed 100,000 handouts and has talked to countless TV programs. Mao told later that he also had seen a program where his biological mother told the story of her missing son without knowing she was talking about him.

Jingzhi volunteered in a local organization called “Baby Come Back Home,” which helps bring missing kids back home. She has helped 29 other kids to reunite with their family while looking for her son. Finally, in late April, someone tipped the Xi’an police about a baby repurchased by a man in the 80s in st. Sichuan province. Police used an app to create a picture of how Mao should look like as an adult, by using his facial details. They found a man resembles the figure in Mianyang and the DNA,

the test was positive. 

Mao’s parents got the good news on mother’s day. Mao, who was raised by his adoptive parents, has decided to come back home, leaving his business of home decoratives away in Sichuan.