Japan is famous for its cute things Kawaii culture, Harajuku street, cute crafts, lovely people, and adorable animals too. This little bird called Long-Tailed-Tit would win the crown if there were a competition for the cutest animal.

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He has pure white feathers, fluffy looks, teeny-tiny adorable eyes, and small black beak. He looks like he was taken out of a Pixar animation movie. 

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This bird species is usually found in Asia and Europe. But they have slightly brown feathers and brown eyebrows. But this particular one found in national wildlife parks in Hokkaido, Japan, has pure white bodies. 

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These little birds only grow up to 13 – 15cm long, including the length of their tail. The Japanese name of the cutee is “Shima-enage.” which means “long-tailed island.” The bird is taken as a theme in making treats and other sweet stuff around Japan.

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