Joan, an artist, moved to the Greek islands Syros to start a cat sanctuary along with her husband. They have always had a special place in their hearts for cats. They moved to the island in 2010, and now they have made a great home for many stray cats. 

Syros island, where the “God’s Little People Cat Rescue” is situated, is a beautiful place itself. It is located 144km South-east from Athens. It used to be a famous port city in the 19th century, and that has made the island more stunning with breathtaking views.

The great news is that they are looking to have someone as a caregiver for cats. They are willing to pay $ 560 us for a month, and the selected applicant will be given a house with a garden. They are looking for someone to take care of, feed and cuddle not less than 55 cats. Trained nurses and vets are given priorities when considering for the position. Driving skills are mentioned as a must for the job as they want the equivalent of driving cats to the hospital in the family vehicle when needed. Above all, they are looking for someone who loves and adores cats a lot.

Bet, you know someone who is born to do this job. Please share this with them and let them give it a shot.