Most of the time, humans train and teach animals. But there are times they give us excellent lessons. Among all the other animals, dogs are the most familiar to humans. There is a considerable amount of stories about dogs where they have shown their fascinating qualities and gratitude.

This time it is Loryn, a golden retriever who lives on a farm. She sets a great example on motherhood. Few baby goats were rescued by Andrea Holley, the owner of the farm where Loryn lives. Andrea says when she brought the babies, Loryn fell in love with them right away.

Now she follows them everywhere, plays with them, sleeps with them and always takes care of them.

Andrea says that Loryn thinks they are her own children. She says most of the time; they can be seen cuddling.

Loryn teaches us a great lesson; there is no barrier that love can not surpass.

Holley says “Goats are the most loving, easygoing creatures.” She mentions “They loved Loryn right away. They are together all day, every day.” Their favourite pastimes are cuddling, napping, and chasing each other around – but, even when playing, Loryn never, ever stops caring about their safety.

“Loryn is my right-hand man and always helps corral the babies when we’re outside or round them up while playing inside,” Holley said. “She most definitely thinks they are her babies.”

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Here is Loryn, the retriever who convinced herself she’s the mother of baby goats that were rescued by Andrea

“She’s around all the farm animals all the time, so she’s seen it all”

“She is truly a mother hen and takes in every baby we have here as her own”

When Andrea adopted the goats, Loryns motherly instincts were instantly escalated

The goats and Loryn are now so attached they do everything together

“They loved Loryn right away. They are together all day, every day”

They love napping together, cuddling, and chasing around playing with each other

“She most definitely thinks they are her babies.”