A large structure of the pyramid has been discovered in the Atlantic ocean between the islands of Sao Miguel and Terceira in 2012 by Di Ockciano Silva, who on a recreational trip out in the ocean. The news of the discovery of the outer pyramid world was surprised by the fact that it was not found until 2012, as the aria is frequently scanned to collect volcanic actions. Sickworld web site stated that news coming from Portugal suggesting the structure could be a submerged volcanic hill had put some people in doubt.

Silva, the one who discovered it however, says the bottom is an exact square shape. GPS advanced technology is used in estimating the hight, and it is 60 meters. Upon 8000 square meter base. The Portuguese Hydrographic Institute of the Navy is currently working to confirm if it is human-made or not. 

Surprisingly the pyramid is estimated to submerged at least 20,000 years earlier, which makes it 2000 years older than any human civilization that we know so far. As it appears, it was there even before the last Ice Age. Portuguese Archelogy Association recently found the traces of a civilization ( more precisely, presence of human) in the Azores locale before Portuguese, in Pico island. It is possible that as civilization is similar to that of the pyramid’s creators because evidence of advanced rock craftsmanship was found on the island.

Sickworld web site raised the question about the original architects of the pyramid, asking if it is a non-human architecture. The following video with English subtitles was posted to ease people with doubts about the news.