The phenomena of Art, changed after the modern world invented the camera. It could freeze moments, preserve memories, and catch details a painter can not see. It was a revolutionary invention for the whole world other than art. The camera kept ant keep developing.

Drones are one of the latest inventions that allow the user to see the world in the birds-eye view. Although it was invented later, we already have our children playing with them. There was lots of s news on the internet, about people discovering amazing things that were hidden so far, using drone cameras. Drone cameras are capable of entering risky or restricted arias, they are capable of capturing vast areas in long shots. Uses can take panorama photos too. It has not only to widen the areas of photography, but it has also invented new styles of photography.

Photographer David Kaszllikowski is no stranger in the world of photography. He has won a number of photography awards for his works and is known by his name in the world of photography. This breathtaking picture of a hidden glacier was taken by him in the Himalayan range, near K2 which is the second-highest mountain top of the world.

Kaszilowski was flying the drone around the area to investigate the scenery for an ideal location for his documentary, “ K2 touching the sky”.

Concordia, the are below the mountain, between two glaciers, Baltoro and Godwin-Austen he found this surreal scene of an unseen glacier surrounded by 65 feet wide pool of water.

“The place was special, making a very clean graphic frame. It was disappearing, melting, changing form every day. It was quite obvious nobody will photograph it again like nobody will see it the same way the next season.” said Kaszilowski.

Later the Polish photographer and a guide reached the place by themselves. In night. They captured its flowless beauty in the camera. Kaszilowski illuminated the mountains with LED lights. It created a stunning glow. By lighting the area he created the surreal scene to present something unusual.

The Himalayan range is the third biggest ice and snow deposit of the world. Most of the glaciers there are not yet discovered.