Remember the beautiful blue parrot from “Rio” the movie? The bird is a parrot native to south and eastern South America, scientifically known as the Hyacinth Macaw. It is the largest Macaw and the largest parrot of all.

In the movie, the bird thinks that he is the last blue macaw on the planet. But then he finds a “girl macaw” who he falls in love with. Later they have kids and then everything ends happily. But in the real world the story is different, Blue macaw and six other bird species are officially extinct. Seven years earlier they were declared endangered. But a study by Bird Life International says blue macaw can no longer be sighted in the wild. They do exist in captivity in few numbers. No proof to say they still exist in breeding programs.

The extinction is mainly caused by loss of habitat due to deforestation. The species is not known to be adaptive either.

British environmentalist Tony Juniper wrote a book on blue macaw, in 1980, called “Spix’s Macaw; The race to save the world rarest bird”. His objective was to open the eyes of the public to save the beautiful species, but unfortunately, nobody cared.

The report which declares about the distinction of the blue macaw also reports seven other bird species which no longer exist in the wild. Most of them are from Brazil and South America. These species have left the earth as a result of deforestation and excessive human activities.

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Something we have borrowed from the future, we have to hand it back undamaged.