A person’s sitting posture can be deeply predictive of his or her behavior by an expert in the field of body language because it is an action completely dictated by the subconscious. The positions of legs are quite helpful to experts gauge the behavior of the particular person.

Position A
This posture says he or she strict in their own way and hopes all issues can be solved without any effort. But the reality is this temporary solution won’t just get rid of the issue permanently.

Position B
This posture says he or she dreamy and imaginative. They are always full of fun and full of fresh and exciting innovations etc around them and always the backbone of any social group. They love traveling and befriending new people, they are always ready to experiment with something new.

Position C
They follow a certain level of comfort and luxury and they work hard to achieve it. They have a variety of selections and because of that very difficult to shop for them to select clothes etc. They look disorganized, but there is a sense of their surroundings and they are smart enough to find things. The only issue is they can’t focus on anything long period.

Position D
They follow Punctuality very strictly and expect the same from others. They are great intellect but they are scared of confrontation and will do whatever it takes to maintain peace in mind. Usually, they don’t display affection or anger publicly. They naturally follow neatness and their shelter always protect from the cruel outside world.

Position E
These are the kind of people who will never leap before they investigate. They analyze all the odds and waiting for things to happen in an incorrect way. But they’re ambitious and fixated on the goals they set for themselves. They place a lot of emphasis on targets and those are trying to keep up a certain standard.