Has somebody ever told you to change the angle you see when you think you have hit a dead end? Changing the angle you look can bring some amazing results, not only at problems but at almost everything. It is not rare to see 3D illusion art on walls. But this is a real illusion observed when looking from above.

Mauritius is an island in Indian Ocean, included in African continent. Most facts about this island are surprising, such as having the largest religion being Hinduism. The fascinating illusion can be observed in the sea near the island’s southwestern tip. The illusion is created by the patterns of sand on the seafloor formed as a result of water flowing between the openings in the reef. Nothing special than splendid blue water can be seen by a naked eye, but when the viewpoint is escalated to bird eye, a stunning illusion of a river falling into a dark abyss appears.

Above is a screenshot from Google Earth’s satellite view, it clearly shows the illusion. But the dramatic change of scenery according to the angle of the camera was photographed by ReubenMRU with a drone flying over the coastline of Mauritius.