Taste and health works opposite side and because of that all healthy foods are cannot categorized as tasty. And most of the tasty foods are not in line with the healthy side as well. Managing of these two sides are very difficult and either we need to completely stop unhealthy foods or manage to consume less quantity. But, “Blue Java Banana” is here to bridge this gap.  It is healthy and taste like Vanilla ice cream, however, very rare and full of vitamin same as Broccoli.   

The Blue Java Banana also known as Ice Cream Banana, Hawaiian Banana, Ney Mannan, Kried or Cenizo, is a hardy and they can even grow at below freezing point and windy resistant.

Originated from South East Asia and spread through continents such as Northern Australia, Hawaii, Central America, and Fiji and they turn thick and pale yellow upon ripening and considered as very healthy fruit. The fruit bunches are small, bearing seven to nine hands. The fruit are 18 to 23 cm (7-9 in) in length and exhibit a characteristic silvery blue color when unripe.

Important Consideration or facts for Growing Blue Java Banana

  1.  Enough sunlight and rain.
  2. Enough space to grow the tree up to 20 feet high.
  3. Roots must be able to grow deep into soil, if not they rot.
  4. They need to be watered daily.
  5. They need to be fertilized. Need to use NPK fertilizer in a ratio of 3:1:6 and apply it once a month.
  6. Use fertilizer with the pouring water as roots are in deep.
  7. Remove the balance shoots, because they will suck nutrients from the fruit.
  8. It takes 9 months for the plants to fully grow.

Blue Java Banana is rich with potassium and has a multitude of minerals and great for weight loss and would actually work well with low-fat ice-cream.